Transforming Your E-commerce Landscape: The Power of Website Redesigning

There are times when working on isolated aspects of your store is not the best solution for the inconveniences that your visitors may have. If you have problems with outdated technology, such as the use of Flash format, or CMS, it is best to consider a Website Redesigning Redding for your store, which allows you to integrate the available functions and technologies, helping to improve the experience of your users. There are many points that you can take advantage of if you start from scratch. Among others, you must integrate into your store: Responsive tools, chat service, customization of web content, modules, add opinions, etc.

If you want to take the step, study whether you will opt for flexible custom development with a cost or for the use of a free/smaller CMS that meets your requirements and possibilities, such as Prestashop. Even SAS platforms like Codify will allow you to rebuild your e-commerce, taking into account all the demands of the moment.

Three Pillars for Success:

Support your web redesign process on three fundamental pillars that will largely guarantee success:

Review the digital analytics data of your store- 

The information will tell you many of the problems you may be having, such as poor display on certain devices or browsers, pages with a high bounce rate, and steps in the payment process with higher abandonment, among others.

Perform user tests- 

Even if it is with small samples (for some specialists, 5 is enough), it evaluates the difficulties of the respondents when searching for a product, registering, or buying. This will be another very important source of information that will allow you to significantly improve your current store.

Use good practices combined with testing- 

Leverage available knowledge on best practices for Ecommerce Web Design in Redding. However, ensure to test any changes made using tools that measure improvements from the previous version. Testing is particularly useful when addressing specific aspects like the payment process.

In conclusion, when it comes to improving your e-commerce store, a website redesign can be the ideal solution. By addressing outdated technology and enhancing user experience, a redesign can significantly benefit your business. To achieve the best results, rely on the expertise of a professional Web Design Company in Redding. They will guide you through the process, ensuring that your store incorporates the latest features and meets your specific requirements. Don’t hesitate to seek the assistance of experienced professionals who can bring your vision to life and help your business thrive in the online marketplace.

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