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website design and development in Redding CaliforniaRedding Online has an experienced website design & development team to create complete and professional websites that are all yours.


Our copywriters create powerful message s and targeted content that gets your message delivered and gets your web pages found by searchers. With a website designed by Redding online, you get a great looking website with awesome content, and most importantly your website will do its job and bring you business.

ROM’s personal dedication to your goals means your online presence including your website in ways the DIY websites and “package” companies could never achieve.

The perfect platform for your website is…

All too often, you will be told that there is a perfect platform for your website. The most amazing part is that some web development companies will try to tell you what that platform is before they even know anything about you, your business, your market segment or your budget.

Some websites will say that WordPress is perfect for everyone or that Squarespace is what you should have. Why do they proclaim the perfect platform so proudly? Simple, it’s usually because the platform they want to sell you on is the one they know how to use. So what if your site isn’t well suited for WordPress, or Squarespace or Drupal or Joomla, or is in need of some custom work? This is when the smoke and mirrors usually start. The sales person’s goal is now to sell you on what their website designer knows how to do. Sadly, their last concern is what you really need.

Redding Online Marketing knows many ways to work and can recommend the correct platform for you based on your business, your market segment, your budget, and many other criteria we take into account when developing a proper project scope and estimate. Furthermore, we are happy to explain the process to you in plain terms so you can understand just what we plan to do and how you can expect it to meet the goals of your business.

Your Website Goals

It is possible that you never thought about your website design purely in terms of what business goals it will achieve? Many clients come to us with terms they have researched or have seen in web design marketing blurbs. Things like Sliders, Accordions, Fonts collections, Color palates, and Retina graphics. Many designers even operate on this level, and create sites based only on these visual elements. All seems well until someone asks, “Does your site perform the business functions that justify the investment you made to create it?”. Sadly, if your site wasn’t build from a goal perspective than the answer is usually no. This is a common occurrence because designers are typically focused on the design elements, and usually don’t possess the experience needed to competently address the businesses goals and create a website that will perform its function.

Your Website Performance

Your website can engage its audience like no other medium. It can be text, images, video, and even interact with searches, smart navigation, chat windows and smart forms. It can sell for you and collect payments 24. hours a day, 7 days a week and never call in sick. We can automate social media feeds and even posts. We can monitor traffic on your site and adjust content and navigation to optimize the user experience. ROM can manage your site for you or create a website design that can be managed by you or your staff.

We are happy to visit and give detailed answers to all of your questions and show you a detailed plan of how to get your website working for you and your business. Contact Redding Online Marketing today!

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